Avionics Upgrades

Aircraft today are not what they were 30 years ago. This is even more true of avionics. The 720 channel Narco Comm 11A or King RNAV that served us well back then have been overtaken by 8.33 kHz spacing and GPS. Noise cancelling headsets are much kinder on our ears than cockpit speakers. Cabin entertainment has come down from the airline-only systems to small, efficient units that can well be fitted to light GA aircraft.

Avionics 2000 has the experience and the skills to handle any avionics upgrade. From a single Com to a complete Glass Cockpit. We completed the first Kingair G-1000 upgrades done in our region. One in our own hanger, and another with a travelling team we sent to a customer offshore.

We have the resources of our own airframe and electrical engineers, as well as our avionics experts. We have CAD/CAM capability for cutting custom instrument panels. We have experience from the big jets through to the new LSA's.

So whether your interest is in the safety benefits of improved Situational Awareness, the increase in resale potential and value of your aircraft, or simply a more pleasant experience for you and your passengers, give us a call. We'll be happy to help you define and implement the upgrade that best matches your requirements. On time and on budget.

For all enquiries, please call us on (03) 9379 9500 or submit a quote.

Did you know?

The most unusual "avionics" upgrade was used in the jungles of Ecuador, back in the 1950's. A missionary pilot devised a scheme of towing a basket on a long rope behind a circling aircraft. With a long enough rope and a tight enough circle, he found that the basket moved to the centre of the circle and hung stationary, below the level of the aircraft. He put a telephone handset in the basket, another in the aircraft, flew the circle and then gradually descended until the stationary basket touched the ground. Missionaries at remote jungle outposts were then able to talk to the pilot circling overhead. Not quite Satphone, nor even a mobile, but a definite improvement on hand carried letters once every 6 months or so.