Avionics Equipment

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers and to reduce Aircraft down time as much as possible.

In order to achieve this we offer the following services.

  • We have a range of used Avionics Equipment available for outright purchase, Exchange*, Rental*, or Loan*.
  • We have a number of the most popular GARMIN and HONEYWELL units in our inventory available as rentals* or loan* units to keep you flying. We will provide you with a free of charge loaner* if you return your failed unit/s for repair.

*Please refer to Avionics 2000 Rental/Exchange/Warranty agreement

Avionics 2000 Radio Support

Our Radio workshop is equipped with the latest Avionics test equipment technology to ensure that we deliver the highest level of quality service to our customers. We can offer an extensive range for Radio repairs.

Our Capabilities include the following:

  • Communication (VHF, HF, UHF)
  • Navigation (VOR, ILS, ADF, DME)
  • Identification (TXPDR, ELT)
  • Audio (Panels, Controllers, Hailers, Amplifiers)
  • Display/Indicators
  • Pilot equipment (Headsets, Headphones, Helmets)
  • GPS (Panel Mount and Portable)

Avionics 2000 Electrical Support

Avionics 2000 can perform maintenance and repair on a large variety of Aviation NiCad, Lead Acid and lithium batteries and Emergency power supplies. We have fully equipped dedicated repair stations for both NiCad and Lead acid batteries. We also perform repair and maintenance on a number of electrical components and power supplies fitted to most GA, Corporate and Regional Aircraft.

Our Capabilities include the following:

  • Inverters
  • Strobe power supplies
  • Relays
  • OEM specific Power Boards
  • NiCad Batteries/Emergency Power Supplies
  • Lead Acid Batteries/Emergency Power Supplies
  • Lithium Batteries/Emergency Power Supplies

Avionics 2000 Instrument Support

Avionics 2000 has an extensive range of test equipment to test most Instrument types fitted to any Aircraft. We are working with a number of Major International Instrument manufacturers to provide the highest quality service we can offer for support on Aviation Instruments. Our support on Instruments cover fixed wing, Rotor wing and Balloon applications.

Our Capabilities include the following:

  • Pitot/Static components ( Remote and panel mount )
  • Gyroscopic ( Remote and panel mount )
  • Compass systems ( Remote and panel mount )
  • Autopilot systems ( Computers, servos and clutch assemblies )
  • Indicating Instrument ( Engine/RPM/pressure/Torque etc. )
  • Sensors ( Pneumatic/G etc. )

Night Vision Testing

Avionics 2000 is proud to announce that we have a fully operational Night Vision Testing facility. We are currently approved by a number of International OEM's such as AEM, Freeflight to perform in house NVIS testing and we are also approved by Aerodynamix to perform test and release on Aerdynamix OEM approved modified units. The ability to perform testing of this nature substantially reduces down time and freight costs. We can also test various other NVIS modified components and Instruments for leakage.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding our capabilities.


Did you know?

  • Technology has advanced from cats whisker diodes, through vacuum tubes and transistors to surface mount and MEMS electronics.
  • Avionics 2000 has continually invested in test equipment and tooling to enable us to continue to provide component level repair of most avionics.
  • But we haven't forgotten the older generation avionics. Old or modern, we can support it.
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