Our Team

Managing Director - Michael KusManaging Director - Michael Kus
Michael Joined the Australian Navy in 1976 as an Aircraft Engineer in the avionics field for an 8 year term. During his tenure, Michael spent a year at sea on board HMAS Melbourne and also successfully completed an Electronics Engineering Certificate with honours at North Sydney University.

After leaving the Navy in 1984, Michael joined the Victoria Police Force as a career Policeman. After the initial training period of two years, Michael was posted to the VicPol Airwing where he was responsible for the avionics in the Police aircraft fleet.

In 1988, Michael saw a requirement for avionics expertise on Essendon Airport and consequently started Avionics 2000. The company was originally a part time source of additional income, but a groundswell of support persuaded Michael to leave the Police Force to service the growing need for experienced avionics engineers and provide a support network and sales outlets.

Michael is responsible for the continued growth of Avionics 2000 due to his intimate product knowledge and expertise.

General Manager - Gordon CoxGeneral Manager - Gordon Cox
Gordon commenced his training in the Avionics field at B. S. Stillwell Learjet in 1979. During this time, Gordon received extensive training in servicing corporate aircraft. In 1986 he was posted to Brisbane to set up an avionics base for Brisbane based corporate jets.

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After the facility was running successfully, Gordon returned to Melbourne where he was appointed Service Manager of the newly formed Pacific Aviation. Pacific Aviation grew to be the largest corporate and general aviation company in Australia with over 700 employees.

In 1989 Gordon was promoted to General Manager of the Victorian Division. In 1992 Gordon was persuaded to join the flight department of The Shell Company of Australia. After 12 months, a restructure of the flight department took place with Gordon becoming the General Manager of Southern Commander, the new company formed to look after the Shell Company jet and a fleet of other corporation's jets.

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Gordon left Southern Commander in 1999 to take up the position of General Manager at Avionics 2000. In his tenure, Gordon has overseen the move into new premises, the introduction of new accounting and management systems, as well as the steady growth of the business, to it's present position as one of Australia's the leading providers of GA avionics support. Recently he has also overseen the addition to the company's Certificate of Approval, of airframe and powerplant capability and resources.

The Staff
The talented staff of Avionics 2000 is our key resource. Together they bring many years of experience to the support we offer to aircraft owners and operators.

Our team currently numbers 24, and includes:

  • 2 Senior Management
  • 3 Administration staff
  • 12 Installation/Line Engineers (including 9 Licenced Engineers)
  • 4 Bench Technicians
  • 3 Logistics personel

We are also supported by a wide list of sub-contract engineers who can be called upon should the situation be warranted.

Several of our licensed staff members are multi-category and with our other licenced engineers have the necessary licences and experience to satisfy the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the operators of aircraft up to and including corporate jets.

Avionics 2000 has a very low level of staff turnover with the average employee length of service being around 5 years. Management feels that this is due to the varied tasks being performed, the exposure to cutting edge technology and management policies such as encouragement and financial assistance in obtaining licences.

The staff come from a wide background, ranging from ex-military, government and corporate/general aviation sectors. This assists in meeting management's goal of a broad base of experienced engineers.

Did you know?

  • Avionics 2000 invests heavily in training.
  • We always have a number of apprentices on our team. On average 3 to 5.
  • Apprentices we have trained are highly regarded and many have moved on to the airlines.
  • We also ensure our staff have continued opportunities to attend industry provided product training to stay abreast of new product developments.