Michael Kus establishes company and begins trading on Essendon Airport. Total employees 3 Part time.

Avionics 2000 establishes Line Maintenance Service on Essendon Airport. This service allows customers to taxi to our workshops and have repairs carried out while you wait. Avionics 2000 purchases assets of Pacific Aviation (Melbourne) Avionics Laboratory. The equipment has been purchased to establish Avionics 2000 as a Corporate Jet Avionics bench repair facility. This action establishes Avionics 2000 as a primary avionics facility in Melbourne.

Avionics 2000 purchases the assets of Pacific Aviation (Bankstown) Avionics workshop. This purchase gives Avionics 2000 the necessary tooling and equipment to line service a wide range of General Aviation aircraft. Avionics 2000 is now firmly established as one of Australia's leading Avionics companies. The Australian Civil Aviation Authority issues licences for the bench repair and line servicing of all aircraft up to large airline aircraft. Total employees 6 full time.

Avionics 2000 establishes Installation Centre. This development allows for the manufacture of large looms for installations and a secure aircraft disassembly area. Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority approve changes to Certificate of Approval to reflect growing areas of expertise, namely the inclusion of large airline class aircraft. The Directors of Avionics 2000 liaise with the major avionics centres located around Australia which results in the formation of Avionics Network Australia. This network represents all the independent avionics centres as one voice when making representations to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and various avionics manufacturers.

Avionics 2000 move into Hangar 6 Essendon Airport. The large, modern facility allows for an expansion to the workshops and provides a large hangar for installation work. Avionics 2000 gains approvals from Matsushita for line support on the entertainment systems as fitted to B777 and B747 aircraft. Total number of employees – 16

Since 1990, the business has seen steady growth in capabilities, resources and staff. Additions to our capabilities have included Battery maintenance, CAD/CAM manufacture of instrument panels, a sheet metal workshop, Night Vis repair and test capability, acquisition of an existing aircraft instrument repair business, and expansion to satellite businesses in two other states. In addition we have expanded our reach offshore, with successful completion of major aircraft upgrades in Indonesia and India.

Did you know?

  • Over the years Avionics 2000 has steadily invested in equipment, facilities and personel
  • We have Computer Aided Machining capability for precision cutting of instrument panels
  • We have our own sheet metal shop
  • We have licensed engineers in all 5 categories
  • We have test capabilities for ADS-B, RVSM and N-VIS
  • We provide Maintenance Control and License coverage for several Corporate Jet operators.
Avionics Hangar 6